Objectives that Need Fulfilling for Women Empowerment:

Standing in the era of human rights movement with the ambition to develop a better civil society, the need for women empowerment is getting realized more than ever. It has widely been admitted that improving the status of women in the male dominated society may solve several problems, such as meeting the basic needs of family, overall social advancement and adding quality resources that may bridge the gap between dimensions of socio-cultural existence. In a progressive social construction, such as the UK’s, women empowerment has been provided with special importance as the subtle methods of gender discrimination are existing within the layers of social existence. In the last year, a press release from the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women presented seven principles that should be functioning as guiding material against gender discrimination and in order to ensure advancement of women in the social context. These seven principles are:

  • Encouraging corporate leadership capacity with the quality to ascertain gender equality
  • Encouraging adequate respect and support for human rights and non-discrimination and in consequence treating men and women equally at workplaces
  • Making sure that all men and women workers are provided with equal facilities in terms of their overall welfare and safety at workplaces
  • Educating women according to the professional requirement and encourage them to grow further in life
  • Encouraging women to develop entrepreneurial skills, which in turn, would make them self-dependent
  • Advocating the promotion of gender equality within in a community
  • Proper measurement and letting people know of the achievement of gender equality

However, it has also been provided with special importance that the process of women empowerment can be initiated properly if adequate importance is given to women’s health. It is due to the same reasons, not only medical health law for women needs to be implemented in a stricter manner but also health organizations should function with more empathy while addressing such sensitive issues.

Women’s Health in the UK:

Studies have shown that average health of women in the UK may be better, compared to their female counterparts in the developing nations, however, in several aspects they are still polarized and oppressed, especially the disadvantaged ones. Women belonging to this segment are mainly less educated and older. While women empowerment involves the capacity to elevate them further in the social paradigm, the goal cannot be attained unless condition of the large section of disadvantaged women is improved from both physical and mental health perspectives.

Medical Health Law for women in the UK:

Statistical evidences are showing that discrimination against women at workplaces, educational institutions, households and in every other social context is a major reason behind derogating standard of mental and physical health condition of the women in UK. Due to this reason, the English law has taken stricter measure against acts that may trigger the consequences. While special importance has been provided over women Medicare (especially for disadvantaged women), laws related to abortion, domestic violence, workplace discrimination and sexual harassment have tightened their scopes. Instructions have also been provided to employers in terms of providing necessary importance to the safety of women employee’s health. Violation of these norms, if proven, may lead the offender to face hash punishment.

Responsibility of Health Organizations:

While empowerment for women in the UK is provided with such importance, the goal cannot be attained successfully unless health organizations start functioning according to the change in directives. Biologically, there are certain fundamental differences between men and female physiological construction. Naturally, the administration of healthcare services should also be done with empathetic consideration of such matters. Failure to do so would reflect negligence of the healthcare service provider/s or the organization and accordingly they will be punished. The victim will also be eligible to receive monetary compensation from the offending party, with due consideration of the damage she suffered due to such acts of negligence or irresponsibility.

At PIWH.org, we are resolute at empowering women against all types of discrimination and letting the deserving ones to receive all sorts of legal assistance against any type of oppression that may or have resulted in certain forms of physical or psychological injury.