Social Justice

What Does It Mean?

Social justice, as an academic and applied discipline, can be defined as an avenue that aims at inventing newer ideas, execution of which in the social context may reduce the difference between social classes and genders and celebrate the notion of justice. While this discipline uses aims and objectives of human rights as the foundation, it also attempts to advocate the popularization of equality and solidarity as quintessential moral principles. As social justice complements the ideology of human rights perfectly, many are of opinion that spreading the essence of this discipline is a great way to education civilians about the aims of human rights. The main ambits of social justice are covered by theosophical principles derived from cultural disciplines like, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and Islam. In the modern UK society, essence of this discipline is considered as one of the most powerful instruments that may annihilate the differences of gender inequality and ensure a better, secured future for citizens, especially women.

The Main Objectives of Social Justice in the UK:

Quite recently, the UK government has published their strategic approaches in the form of Social Justice: Transforming Lives. Here they clearly have specified the main objectives that can be attained with proper execution of the social justice principles. The major purposes, as laid down by the government are:

  • Supporting Families
  • Keeping young people on track
  • The importance of work
  • Supporting the most disadvantaged adults
  • Delivering social justice

It has also been specified that one of the most important reasons that social equilibrium couldn’t have been attained is the failure to provide adequate importance on conditions of individuals. It has also been suggested that while many families are there in the country that need assistance for getting restructured, on the other hand, special importance has also been provided over improving condition of women in order to give a proper start to the process.

Why Social Justice Should Provide Special Importance over Improving Condition of Women in the Society?

The morals of theoretical discipline, known as social justice, can only be attained if the initiative starts with improving the condition of women over the social platform. Gender discrimination is still a major problem in the UK society and there is still a lot that needs to be done. Starting from households to employment, the traits of gender discrimination are quite prevalent and lessening the gap between men and women is the only way to make things work out properly. There is no denial that perfect complementing between male and female gender can lead a society towards betterment and moral prosperity. Failure to provide proper attention to any of these social classes makes the anchor break loose and the future generation suffers the most. Every day incidents occur that show bond of the anchor is weakening and this is exactly where the need for educating individuals with the ideals of social justice becomes increasingly important. In the male dominated society, women have always been and still are marginalized but ample evidences are there, suggesting social progress at a more positive and promising rate is possible if women are given the correct opportunity. Only with catering the basic ideals of social justice, the traditional mentality for suppressing women can be changed and the society may become a better place to live.