Women’s Workplace Rights

In spite of representing half of the UK workforce, the women still face serious discrimination in the male-oriented workplaces. There are a large number of laws that debars the employers to discriminate against their female employees, but there are only a few employers who follow these laws. As far as women’s workplace rights are concerned, the UK government should work hard and introduce laws implementing the equality of women in the workplaces.

Sex Discrimination Common in the UK Workplaces

Sex discrimination is common in the UK workplaces and it is extremely difficult for the sufferers to cope up with this problem. The women, who are told that they are not good enough to execute the job that their male colleagues can easily carry out only because of their sex, feel distressed and uncomfortable. There are many ladies who have to struggle to get promoted and are paid lower than their male co-workers.

Till the last month, the women on birth of their child would get one year maternity leave, while their husbands would return back to work within two weeks of their baby’s birth. This entire system represents the inequality at work, preventing the new fathers from spending time with their newborn babies and the new mothers from acquiring their potential at work. Nick Clegg, the deputy Prime Minister of the UK, has recently declared that from 2015, the nation will move on to a flexible parental leave system. Under this system, the new moms will get 52 weeks of leave. If they take the first 2 weeks leave after their childbirth, they can share the rest of their leaves with their husbands, the new fathers.

What Should the Women Do if They Face Sex Discrimination at Work?

As far as sex discrimination against women is concerned, the women are protected by law. Under the UK law system, the employers are not entitled to discriminate against their female employees. Those who discriminates against the women at work breaks the law and can encounter legal consequences. If a woman worker feels that she has been discriminated against, she will enjoy the right to report it to an Employment Tribunal and bring a claim. However, before making a claim, it is advisable to talk to the concerned employer and endeavor to sort out the issue.

The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 Ensures Equal Pay for the Same Type of Job

Women in the UK workforce have the right to claim equal pay as men for the same kind of job. The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 focuses on equality of both the sex in terms of pay for the same job. The “men only” job advertisements can be seen as an instance of sex discrimination.

Another Act Favoring Equal Pay

The 1970 Equal Pay Act is another act that favors equal pay for both the men and women. This particular act turns it illegitimate for the UK business owners to discriminate between male and female workers in terms of pay when they are executing the same type of job.

Apart from their right to fight against sex discrimination, the women working the UK workplaces have the right to claim health and safety at work. The employers failing to ensure the health and safety of their workers can be sued.