Medical Negligence Law of the United Kingdom

Medical negligence takes place when a physician fails to provide the standard of treatment expected to treat a specific medical condition and the patient suffers due to the negligence of the doctor. The patients rest great faith in the medical practitioners and believe that they have the ability to treat the medical conditions effectively. In most of the cases, the physicians treat the ailments successfully and help the patients get back to their normal lives. However, in some exclusive cases, the doctors fail to maintain the standard of treatment specified by law and his carelessness aggravates the condition of the patient. This entire incident can be seen as an instance of medical negligence. In The UK, the medical negligence law protects all those who have suffered in the hands of the doctors.

Medical Negligence Common in the UK

No matter how high the standards of medical and health care are in the UK, medical negligence is not something uncommon in this country. Every year, a large number of people become subjected to clinical negligence in the UK. The law of the country, however, provides the victims of clinical negligence to go to the court of law and file medical negligence claims.

Legal Actions Can Be Taken Against a Negligent Doctor

As per the medical negligence law of the UK, legal actions can be taken against the medical practitioner whose negligence has proved to be harmful for his patient. The law of the nation provides the clinical negligence victim with a period of three years to file a case claiming compensation from the accused doctor. However, in certain special instances like child injury cases, the judge might allow to file the case even after the expiry of three years. Again, the person who is suffering from mental instability due to the doctor’s error has no time limit for reporting the case and filing claims. However, the victim needs to prove that the accused doctor has been negligent in treating him and it is the carelessness of the medical practitioner that has exacerbated his condition. He needs to prove that the treatment provided by the doctor fell short of the standards specified by the law.

Assistance of a Medical Negligence Solicitor Can Multiply the Chances of Acquiring Compensation

It is recommended to get legal support from a professional medical negligence solicitor while filing claims in the court. A solicitor who has years of experience in handling clinical negligence claims can best handle claims related to medical negligence. The professional will take a detailed account of your case; check all the relevant documents and try to assess if the case has enough grounds to prove the claims. Most of the solicitors in the UK accept cases on the basis of their winning potential. The medical negligence lawyers acquire fantastic communications skills and they use it for establishing the cases in court. It is upon the severity of the patient’s condition that determines that amount of compensation to be awarded to him. The greater is the degree of suffering, the higher is the amount of compensation.